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February 11, 2012
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In a flash of diamonds, I appeared distraught and defeated before my hero. Surprised at first but sensing my mood he sat on the edge of his bed and patted beside himself; I assumed he was inviting me to sit. Letting my body slump down onto the bed mere inches from Link I just looked into his eyes. Sadness was prevalent in my own. A deep sigh belonging to me fills the atmosphere as I'm not ready to even tell this boy of my failure today. It's just not in the nature of a demon lord to lose. Sulking I lean toward my company and gently lay my head on his shoulder. Looking down at my crippled form and hurt pride Link places his arms around me in comfort. I've never felt anything like this. The sympathy of others is normally not something I would enjoy indulging in, but this is different. Maybe my strong feelings for the sky child are what makes this so soothing; regardless I can honestly say I'm glad he is here with me.

Raising my arms to return his squeeze I see a flinch pass over his features, guilt pangs in my lower belly and I speak softly, "I won't hurt you right now. I apologize for earlier; you know how my frustration gets the best of me. Honestly, I was just a little…jealous." Shaking my head a little before I pull Link close to me, "That's not what I came here for though, Link. Today, I faltered in capturing her again." Grimacing I hug him a little tighter. Another dreary sigh escapes my lips and I go on, "They descended into another time altogether and I destroyed the gate while fighting with the Sheikah woman. I don't understand how I, demon lord Ghirahim, could be so thoughtless." Exasperated I toss myself into a little heap back to lie on the bed. My hands make their way to my face, and all I want to do is hide from my problems at this point. I rarely ever lose my confidence, and I justify this episode with the fact that it happens to everyone but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. I am injured, and I feel nothing but despair until another set of hands removes the ones guarding my precious face. They are the sky child's clearly and he begins to stroke my cheeks with the backs of those hands. This goes on for several minutes as I wallow in my sorrow. Tugging on his sleeve and looking at the empty space next to me I beckon for him to lay down with me with the look in my eyes. Surely, I am a pitiful sight right now. He does so anyway, not minding how out of character I am.

I cuddle against his chest and speak again filling the silence, "I'm grateful for your consolation, sky child. I know it isn't your wish to be here but I'm very happy that you are." Running his hands through my hair lightly he nods in acknowledgement. Leaning up a little our eyes meet again and this time I get dangerously close to his face. He just continues to look at me. I can't resist it any longer. Barely closing the last bit of space between us our lips meet. Pushing a bit further I give him a firm kiss that seems to last forever, though I'm sure it's been merely a couple of seconds. Pulling back I look at him tenderly and he meets my gaze with one of surprise but that isn't too disturbed by my actions, thankfully. Gripping him tightly I demand another embrace.

Enjoying his presence and the contented sensation of just being close to someone I laid back down onto him. I didn't speak to him anymore that night. The silent night air was soon filled with sighs and quiet snores as I fell asleep in my hero's quarters. He didn't seem to mind as he held me all through the night and stroked my soft skin occasionally. Eventually the sun interrupted my sleep and I contemplated the night's events. I had kissed this boy and he hadn't rejected this deed. Maybe he understood the surface of my fond feelings for him, and just needed a little more of a push to grasp their depth as well. Retrieving fresh food and water for the sky child after carefully removing myself from his bed I returned to watch him wake and stir. Exchanging 'good mornings' in our own separate ways I gave the sky child a hug and kiss on his cheek before leaving him to search for traces of the Goddess alongside my troops. He enthusiastically waved goodbye to me before I teleported from his attendance as if to assure that my day would go well.

Days passed and went on like this. Some days I would come back to the manor so frustrated at our miniscule progress that I would take out my aggression on Link. Other days I would come back overwhelmed and conquered thinking I would never find her. Those were the nights I would bestow endless affections onto the sky child and enjoy the slight reciprocation I would receive. In this time I had learned a lot more about Link during the time I cared for him. Carefully measuring how he took beatings nowadays I could easily see that he was a slight masochist. To be honest no one could handle my harsh treatment, but when it was lightly administered his face would blush and breathe heavily at times and he would get a rouse out of it. Given time he has warmed up to my friendliness as well. There has been a time or two that he has even kissed me back, though I don't really push for that sort of action. I don't mind things too much the way they are. I could also tell that he missed his home in the sky. Sometimes I would come in later at night and the sky child would already be asleep and I'd find drawings that I could only assume were of his friends, family, and animals familiar only to him. His skills had improved since he began. I can only conclude that his time whenever I wasn't around must have been pretty lonely; however, we did spend a large proportion of our time together. Things were just becoming more cordial between us, and sometimes there even seemed to be a bit more chemistry.

Finally one day in my search for a way to get to the Goddess I found some positive news! There was a second gate of time, and I would find it. Immediately I headed for headquarters to share this with Link. He was really a great confidant. Before I made my way to his chambers I did a little research over some old texts and what I found was very disheartening even in light of such a great discovery. There were apparently some sacred flames that were required to open this gate and the chosen hero was meant to gather and make use of these. Had he known all along?! Link knows how passionate I am about my master and listens to well, acting so concerned. Yet he hid this information from me! I yelled in a blind rage as I teleported into the room of my captive.

Smashing the glass pitcher that I refilled with water every day for the sky child I entered with a dark expression. Glass littered the floor and knowing something was amiss Link watched me cautiously without moving a muscle. He was very perceptive. Today something was very, very flawed Link.

Gritted my teeth I breathed, "How could you…"
This one also took a few days. My apologies. I had a bunch of stuff go on...just started working again and had to go to court (which was a nightmare even though it was for something stupid). So! Today I finally got motivated again and I know its a short chapter but I KNOW everyone will like the next one. Enjoy please~

Chapter 7
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jeffyarts Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
this is very strange.
Mira416 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh he's a masochist??? Noooooo REALLY? -_-  ^^ I think we all noticed by now X3
FitheSwordSpirit Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
Ghirahim: How could you...
Link: How could I what?
Ghirahim: ... you CAN talk?!
Link: crap.
jerryjr Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013
link:MR POPO!
mr popo uses pecking order on giraham!its uper effective! one shot defeat! XD
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bitch do you under estimate the pecking order? it goes you, the dirt, the worms inside the dirt, popo's stool, kami, then popo.
now any question maggots?
SizzleclawTheHedgie Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
No need to get all over somebodyShadow Link Laugh  I will lick you
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pecking order. (insert both sonic  and dark link being turned into a hedgehog platter and dark link being turned into a very dark leek).
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