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The sky child spoke. All I could do was look at him, dumbfounded. Link had spoken, and not only had he done that but the first word out of his mouth was my name. I couldn't be more pleased! Shaking my head a little to get the hair out of my face and hopefully replace the look of pure shock with one of excitement I intended to ask questions all over again as if we had just met. First I felt a bit doubtful though and cautiously asked, "Was that a fluke? Am I imagining things? Would you speak again for me, Link?" Surveying his surroundings carefully as if speaking would hurt something he opened his mouth again hesitantly, "No. Apparently not, and yes I will continue to speak." Smiling up at me I could feel the enthusiasm even from such simple words! "By the Goddess herself this is cause for celebration, and great discussion. Let's clean up and continue this in my study.

After cleaning the broken glass from Link's quarters and a long shared bath with little romancings here and there, we finally made it to the library of the manor and sat at an ornate table in the center of the room. I had so many queries to fire at the boy and get long awaited actual replies. "So, how come you've never spoken before, surely you cried out as a child. What caused your long spell of being a mute?" I rendered my first and most often pondered musing into words. "Well, I'm not sure. As long as I can remember I just couldn't. Then after a while I just stopped trying to talk to anyone. Accepting my fate as it was I stayed silent. Everyone seemed to be really understanding, except you." He looked at me not with a look of contempt, but one of compassion for what was mentioned. "Alright, I'll give you that. So tell me how you feel about your entire stay here. I can't get enough of that newfound voice of yours! It's like velvet on my ears." Smirking widely at the thought of my perfect ears I looked into his eyes to truly hear him out. I was very curious of what was to come.

He began with a sigh and then went on, "It all seemed like the greatest of trials at first, as I had never been kidnapped before and knew it was my duty to help Zelda. I still have no idea what my quest really is but I still know deep down that it's very grave and important, so then-and even now I can never be truly happy and fully satisfied with being here. It's just wrong according to the Legend which I believe. Though there is one thing that makes all of this very difficult to accept. You. When we first met you did nothing but mutilate me and treat me like a piece of valuable trash, if that makes sense. I despised you from the moment we met, Ghirahim. Now things are a little more complicated. You provided for me and I know I was frustrating to deal with so eventually I just started seeing your side to things." He placed his arms behind his head and leaned back and continued his monologue, "I think I really fell for you when we first kissed. It just kind of feels like home here now since I've been here for so long. I can't say that I don't enjoy when you visit me, eat with me, and sometimes sleep over with me. I feel very right with you, but very wrong here. I can't stay forever. That would one day mean my friend's death, and even my own death or slavery to you. I simply can't allow that if there is anything possible that I can do about it, even if I care about you."

Looking at me boldly he said one last thing, "You know yourself that it can't stay this way." Frowning sadly and looking down he grew silent. That was a lot to swallow. I had known all of these things, but because of his silence I mistook it for ignorance. I thought he might be ok with someday being by my side and letting me love him forever in a new world that I would create. He truly is something, and has integrity and a sense of justice about him like no other. Pursing my lips a little I speak up, "I had thought this myself, though I had hoped this could be a prolonged sense of belonging for you. After all, Sky Child I've truly fallen for you. At first I had assumed I was only fascinated because of your silence and because of that never knowing what's on your mind. However, even now I sit with you and am awed by your words. So, in light of that we will come to a solution I'm sure. We can both sleep on that tonight, but for now please tell me more! Tell me about your home, the people close to you, and if you don't mind what you feel about me. I'm more than interested about all of these things." Changing the subject, in hopes to keep things from being morbid for just a bit longer, we continue our talk.

We spoke about everything from a giant bird that is his best friend in Skyloft to the Knight Academy that he attended. He told me many stories of the children he went to school with, and how he had a bit of a bully when he'd been home. We also spoke of his role in the legend and how he knew little to nothing about the whole thing at this point, which I suspect is because of seldom being in contact with the Goddess sword. I listened intently on into the evening and questioned him about things occasionally, which eventually led to my inquiry of Zelda again, "So, what is your relation to the Goddess now that you can explain yourself?" My face soured a bit as I asked him this. "I, uh," he thought for a moment, "told you before that we were best friends. I think maybe she has some other kind of feelings for me, but I'm really just her friend. I feel like I should protect her always though. We grew up together and she is kind of like a sister to me. You seem awfully jealous any time you talk about her." I wrinkled my nose and made a face of disgust, did I really wear that on my sleeve in such a way? No matter, finding myself a little frustrated I tried to converse about other things only to find my mind preoccupied with the jealousy that he had spoken of.

Standing and walking over to him I spoke while he stood as well, "Well, Link, I've very much enjoyed our time today, but I must retire. There is always work to be done on the dawn of the next day. I will contemplate everything you've told me today. So as I understand it, your wish is to be released and continue on in your destiny as my enemy?" he nodded with a gloomy demeanor about him. "All I can tell you right this moment is that I'll consider it, Hero. My own affections for you will make this a very difficult decision to come to, and if I assume you feel the same." Link remarked, "This couldn't possibly be easy." Walking over to him and embracing him tightly I softened my tone and told him, "I suppose we should get some rest, this has been a long day. I'm sure we'll encounter each other tomorrow. Do you need anything before bed?" He shook his head, and I softly kissed his lips before teleporting him back to his room. It was very late and the moon was bright tonight. When I had left his presence I stood outside the door for a few moments listening, and heard him begin to sing an old song whose lyrics were in many ancient texts. He was singing the Ballad of the Goddess to himself; after he had quieted I took my leave.

Lost in thought about the whole whirlwind of things in my head right now I walked all the way to my room in the manor. It was copious amounts of information to process really. After the lengthy walk I simply laid in bed staring out the window into the night sky thinking over the answers and my personal perspective of everything. Hours later I came to a conclusion, though I wouldn't be telling my hero of this for another week or so. The decision had been made and I would sleep now with the memory of boy's gentle song fresh in mind.
Man you guys should be super happy with me. Posting 2 days in a row again? Amaaaazing! This chapter really flowed from the heart and I liked it. Hope you guys do too!

I'd like to thank everyone again for all the AMAZING feedback I've had so far. Its been a real pleasure writing for you guys! When its finished I'll probably post to too and other places. Hopefully its just as well received! ^ ^;

Epilogue (The end is nigh...)
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Ghiralink1234 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015
i had tears in my eyes for the whole chapter omg...its so sweet how much Ghirahim really cares about Link and how he's all curious about his home and his friends and his's so sad and depressing for some reason...but beautifully written...O,_O
jeffyarts Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
he... sang... awesome.
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Great story!!!A little uh say weird at sometimes but very interesting!Epilogue time :D
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Wow... Link talked a lot after having not spoken for so long. Anyways, great job! :)
linkzeldaganondorf Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
now i finally know what the 'H' in Ghirahim stands for. HAMAZING!

Link can talk. He never talks to me...
izzydizzy122 Featured By Owner May 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
awwwww thats sad that links leaving ghirahim but you are a good story writer
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Ohhhhh my heart died with happiness!
But alas, I don't want this to end ._.
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All good things come to an end...its ok ill write something new soon!
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I am happy! Yay! Link speaks again!
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